US Infrared Inspections is one of the premier infrared inspection and thermography companies on the East and West Coast – serving the entire US with a team of certified Thermographers and Master Electricians highly skilled in seeking, finding, investigating the most complex problems you may be experiencing. We provide a full spectrum of Thermal Imaging Inspection at your home or facility. We carry the most up to date equipment, and receive periodic training as the Infrared Industry evolves. We are trained and experienced in finding hazardous or mechanical issues before they arise.

Our Mission

To be a full service integrated company providing exceptional support and services to our customers using highly trained professionals who contribute to delivering the most cost effective diagnoses to a specific problem.

Our Values

We provide, honest, trustworthy, fair interactions internally and with our clients. We pledge to protect the environment, safety of our communities, employees, and the work place. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and relationships.

Our Values

Honoring our customer base by preserving their financial investments in the product or services they provide

Our Vision

To provide efficient service to our customers by maintaining Infrared Certifications, through on-going training and the most current technology available

Construction Management

USII construction managers each have numerous years of experience in the construction industry. Our managers possess exceptional written and oral communication skills, technical abilities informed by firsthand knowledge of construction methodologies, as well as time budgeting faculties. Also, our construction managers possess outstanding analytical skills and can provide any and all of the following tasks:

  • Review Contractor Bids with Owner
  • Assist with Awarding Contracts to the Appropriate Contractors
  • Schedule & Plan of all Project Phases Through Completion
  • Maintain Schedules, Coordinate Material Deliveries & Maintain Budgets
  • Assist in Obtaining On-Site Permits (Lockout/Tagout, Hot Work, etc.)
  • Assist in Obtaining Building Permits Through Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Ensure Trades & Disciplines Involved Stay on Schedule
  • Inspect & Review Project – Maintain Compliance with OSHA & Facility’s Safety Regulations
  • Conduct Safety Audits
  • Oversee Multiple Projects Simultaneously
  • Review Entire Project Daily – Ensure Work Done Per Drawings & Specifications
  • Act as Liaison with all Construction Professionals & Production/Maintenance Departments Before Work Starts
construction worker marking off list on clipboard

We Provide Thermal Imaging Services

  • Roof Inspections

  • Electrical Panel Inspections

  • Florensic Inspections

  • Water Infiltration

  • Drone Inpections

  • Basements

  • Insulation Inspections

  • HVAC Inspections

  • & More

Predictive Maintenance Program

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Notable Past Clients

  • MGM

  • Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

  • Mariotte Corp (multiple locations)

  • Brewster Hill

  • Fairfield Hill Communities (national)

  • Under Armor (factory & Corp)

Our programs achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce preventable safety accidents & incidents related to equipment failure
  • Reduce preventable safety accidents & incidents related to equipment failure
  • Improve overall efficiency of structural integrity in new and old building structures
  • Investigative maintenance and recommendations for automated systems
  • Energy Conservation
  • Potentially lower insurance and warranty claims and rates
  • Proactively identify issues and minimize or prevent loss of production uptime
  • Improved overall mechanical safety of your home or facility

Building Envelope

Roofing, Siding, Doors, Windows, Ventilation, Proper Insulation, intrusions, structural damage, Other Exterior Penetrations and Warranty Protection.


Circuitry, Wiring, Worn Components, Loose or Overloaded Breakers, Damaged Switches, Faulty Fuses, Imbalanced Circuits, and Ensuring New Components are Installed Correctly.


Circuitry, Wiring, Worn Components, and Ensuring New Components are Installed Correctly.

Types of Homes / Facilities Who Can Benefit…


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Expert Thermographers measure surface temperatures by using sophisticated infrared equipment. These tools produce images of temperature differences in the form of colors seen through the infrared camera. The images are further analyzed by our level II and Level III thermographers to render an evaluation of the anomaly and suggest possible solutions to resolve the problem.  The images produced during an Infrared Inspection can reveal a variety of things from overheating electrical connections, voltage spikes and switch gear problems, electrical panels and distribution centers.  In motorized equipment, we can detect baring failure and stressing on motors that could lead to premature failure.  In building envelope systems, we detect moisture under membranes, moisture under shingle roofs, skylight leaks, insulation loss in attic and shell, and overall energy loss.   In mechanical systems, we detect air loss, motor performance and degradation, condenser failure, and blockages.  In foundation we detect moisture penetration, humidly, structural irregularities and building stress. In foundations, we detect cracks, water penetration, voids concrete integrity. In new homes, We detect energy efficiency before and after installed wall panels.  

We have Level II and Level III inspectors (Thermographers) that are well educated and certified in infrared inspections and use a combination of training, science and experience to determine and use the techniques and equipment (i.e. drones or hand held equipment) to best resolve your concerns. Infrared inspections can not only save systems from failing, prevent unwanted downtime, but can also identify safety hazards and ideas on how to improve operation performance.

Our Thermographers produce detailed reports for your home or business, from baseline to comparison baseline to preventative solution reports and time lapse report to establish performance evaluation analysis of equipment to ensure your most valuable systems are running to their potential.

We’ve incorporated infrared electrical walk through inspections find hot spots caused by defects in connections, connection component, switch gears, transformers, distribution centers, motors, and motor components in the early stages of degeneration.

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