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Our routine Infrared (Thermal Imaging) inspections reveal problems which are invisible to the eye. We help identify and predict hazardous safety related electrical, mechanical, inefficiencies, and building issues before a breakdown occurs.

Equipment running at optimal performance also means less downtime, lower cost to operate, and lower replacement costs!

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Done and Done Right.
We know the difference between getting an Infrared Inspection project done and getting the project done right. Our routine Infrared (Thermal Imaging) inspections reveal problems which are invisible to the eye. We help identify and predict hazardous safety-related electrical, mechanical, inefficiencies, and building issues before a breakdown occurs.

Level II and Level III ITC Certified Thermographers
… with over 65 years of combined experience with Infrared Inspections and Thermal Imaging Technology. We are available at any stage of your operation, from start-up to trending, developing useful information, that keeps your operation, online and on time. You’ll have answers instead of questions.

How would service interruption affect your bottom line?
Our infrared inspection services are a proven effective part of an overall condition-based maintenance strategy. Clients continue to rely on this cost-effective means of testing during normal operations to keep their electrical and mechanical equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Full Service PM and Supervision
USII project managers are typically involved in the entire scope of the project from initiation through closeout.  Our project managers possess exceptional leadership skills and the ability to successfully navigate through, and resolve the complex, multi-functional challenges associated with large projects.

Infrared Inspections and Thermal Imaging Inspections

US Infrared Inspections is one of the premier infrared thermography inspection companies operating in the United States, with its home office based in Maryland. The teams of ITC certified Level II and Level III thermographers are trained to investigate, provide facts, and report problems that plague your home, office or business operations.

We are trained to find electrical, mechanical, building envelope, and HVAC problems before they become costly repair issues for your home or facility. Our thermographers are current with continuing education credits as well as periodic updates in training as the field of infrared thermography continues to evolve.

Infrared thermography is a non-contact technology that measures surface temperatures. Everything on the planet, above -273 degrees Celsius, emits a heat signature. Thermal cameras have the ability  to detect these heat signatures and to determine a range of temperatures. These thermal images can be analyzed and compared to temperature charts that help forecast or predict upcoming events.

These images can reveal:

  • Loose electrical connections
  • Overheated Motor windings and bearings
  • Poor mechanical shaft alignments
  • Uneven wear patterns on moving equipment

In building envelope  systems:

  • Moisture under roof membranes
  • Water damaged shingles and underlayments
  • Leaky skylights
  • Poorly installed or missing insulation in walls and attics
  • Over-all energy losses

In HVAC systems:

  • Air flow losses
  • Poor air flow in duct work
  • Poor condenser evaporation
  • Poor fan blade alignment and shafts
  • Motor and motor winding problems

In foundations and structural systems:

  • Moisture penetration
  • High humidity  areas
  • Foundation cracks
  • Water penetration
  • Voids in concrete integrity

In Electrical transmission and distribution systems:

  • Overloaded neutral conductors
  • Switch gear problems
  • Capacitor Banks connections
  • Transformers
  • Insulators
  • Vessel oil levels
  • SF6 leaks

Our reports, baseline, to comparative baselines, to preventative solutions, not only identifies safety hazards, establishes a performance window that reveals an analysis of your operations performance. To lower your insurance costs, share our reports with your insurance carrier to get a reduction in your rates.

Reach out to us for ANY question you have. We are ready to help you find the correct solution for your organization.