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Why should I Get A Generator Load Test?

Why is a Load Test Important?

  • Test to see how generator performs under Loads (operation)
  • Test Transfer Switch & Relays
  • Test Voltage Output
  • Test Generator Voltage Output

The Test Will provide
1. Control Relay tests
2. Actual generator output in voltage
3. Temperature controlled equipment Fluid body
4. Belts and pulleys alignments
5. Fan speed and exhaust temperatures on manifold
6. Battery terminal connections
7. Generator starter performance
8. Hoses and hydraulic connections
9. Fluid & flow temperatures
10. Voltage correction and Amp
11. Set Baselines for future tests & Performance Failure to test annually could result in shorter lifespan, higher repair cost, fires and/or equipment failure at critical time of crisis.


Infrared is the only test that can truly evaluate;
1. Circuits & Proper Circuit Loads
2. Motor & Bearings
3. Electrical Connections
4. Fluid performance & Blockage
5. Belts, Pulleys & Pumps
6. Runtime Performance
7. Heat Distribution, & Cooling
8. Fluid blockages while in operation. This is the only way to truly know if your generator is performing according to manufacturer specifications. Infrared inspections far exceed visual inspections and can show early signs of system fatigue and warn parts that could affect the performance of the overall system before it becomes a costly repair.
***Inquire about the most important test of all. THE ROLLOVER TEST***.

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