Home Inspection

Why Infrared Inspections can help find problems in your home

Infrared inspections involve using infrared cameras to detect hot spots arising from defects in connections and other components. Increased resistance could lead to the production of excess heat that could be very dangerous if not detected early enough and the situation rectified. The infrared cameras take thermal images of the building and thus enabling an analysis of the various levels of infrared radiation. A thorough thermography process helps you find out all the problems and causes of threats in your house.

Infrared inspection has many benefits. It helps you fix your electrical problems quickly and efficiently. Defective electrical appliances produce some amount of infrared radiation which if not detected can give rise to problems. Conducting a thermal scan on these devices can help handle the problem and even prevent more from arising. The inspection reveals a leaking roof that could be allowing radiations into the house thus posing a big challenge. Gasses that leak during gas piping have a tendency to absorb heat and thus accumulating the heat in the room to dangerous levels. An infrared inspection will help detect any leakage points so as to have them fixed. An infrared thermal scanning is also done on ceilings, floors, and walls to determine cases of moisture problems such as molds which give off heat during their multiplication processes.


Infrared inspection enables you to inspect your house without much hustle as compared to having inspectors do the work. Again, a thermal inspection is quite fast and detects even the smallest of problems that inspection professionals might not identify quickly. An infrared inspection also gives accurate results as compared to any other inspection. Due to their high sensitivity, they can detect things that increase radiations with or without visible illumination. They also have a record keeping technology thus enabling you to conduct multiple inspections and compare the results with the previous reports.