Thermal Building Inspection

Using Infrared Inspections to Identify Issues With Your Roof

Think you might have a leaky roof, but aren’t sure exactly where the problem is? By hiring an infrared inspection, you’ll be able to identify the problem spots right away, whether they are visible to the naked eye or not. Leaky roofs not only allow warm air to escape your home during the colder months, but more importantly, intruding moisture can cause considerable damage to your roofing system, and even other areas of your home, if left unchecked.


While roof repairs can be expensive, by identifying the exact problem, you can focus on exactly what needs to be fixed. Infrared imaging will identify where moisture is intruding into your roof system. These moisture leaks usually occur where the waterproofing layers have torn or degraded over time. This causes moisture to become trapped underneath.


What this moisture ends up doing is two-fold. First, because the insulation in your roof has become wet, it no longer works as effectively. This means increased energy costs for your home. Because heat rises, this is particularly bad during the colder months of the year.


Secondly, and more importantly, trapped moisture can intrude into your roof deck, causing wood to rot and any metal components to rust. This can end up causing extensive damage that will cost a lot to repair later. So, the sooner that this trapped moisture is identified, the more easily the repairs can be made.


With an infrared inspection of your roof, you’ll be able to identify just the areas that are needing repairs.  Entire roof replacement might be necessary in some cases, but in many cases, it’s only parts that actually need repair. If you’re able to focus the repairs on specific sections, you can save lots of money and lengthen your existing roof’s life.


We all want to be sure that the roof over our head is working as it should be. Sometimes even the simplest issue can become a larger one over time. If you think that there may be any issue at all with your roof, investing in an infrared inspection on your roof can save your entire roofing system in the long run.