Infrared Inspection

Success Story: Electrical Problem Found with Infrared

Between rising costs to produce and deliver electricity and aging infrastructure and equipment, utility companies are caught between a rock and hard place in terms of providing reliable electricity services to customers while controlling costs. Finding a way to increase reliability without significantly increasing costs is a chronic challenge for utility companies.

With Infrared Camera Monitoring, remote facilities and equipment can be monitored around the clock without a significant increase in manpower. Potential equipment failures such as overheating equipment or equipment that is not functioning can be detected long before they become problems. A significant decrease in equipment failures translates into reduced downtime and increased customer satisfaction for utility companies.

Infrared Cameras follow the general principle that most components that are going to fail will heat up significantly beforehand. Using that principle, Infrared Cameras can capture the heat signature of a failing component, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. The Infrared Camera is able to produce a quality imagine, in light or dark, from which a temperature can be determined. Infrared Cameras can capture the beginnings of an imminent component failure long before the failure or outage happens.

With Infrared Camera systems, a utility company can monitor equipment around the clock from a remote location, trigger alarms by emailing the appropriate personnel, function in all types of weather conditions and situations, be configured for specific parameters and temperatures, and provide an entire range of data and information that can significantly boost a utility’s ability to maintain equipment and prevent power failures and brownouts.

Supporting the US Smart Grid Initiative, increasing reliability without significant increased costs, and providing around the clock functionality are just some of the reasons to use Infrared Camera Monitoring in electrical utility substations.

How much is the reliability of your customers’ electricity supply worth to you? Infrared Camera Monitoring is a simple, effective, and affordable way to increase that reliability. Reliability means happy customers, and happy customers are what really matters.