Infrared Home Inspection

Routine Infrared Inspections can Reduce facilities Downtime

Damaged devices and tools could interrupt the production process and result to big losses and time wastage. Just before the situations gets to that point, many companies have adopted various methods of protecting their assets and production devices from the damage. Infrared inspections are one of these preventive measures. It is a nondestructive process that helps detect and reveal any electrical or mechanical problems in equipment of work which arise from the excess heat caused by resistance. It involves the use of infrared cameras that pinpoint spots of danger in the devices which the human eye could never see. The cameras have a top class sensitivity that works even without illumination and thus very efficient.

Role of infrared thermography in big facilities
The devices and appliances emit thermal energy which is usually in the form of radiations which are not within the range of the human eye. Infrared thermography helps detect, capture images and measure the amount of radiation. It will quickly diagnose areas with abnormal levels of temperatures and reveal their severity. The infrared cameras capture detailed photographs that indicate the heat level of each operating equipment.
Importance of routine surveys
Conducting regular infrared routine surveys is a very prudent idea. Other than enhancing safety, routine surveys helps in rectifying the problem before it gets out of hand. If not detected early, an electric failure is capable of causing fire. Infrared surveys prevents losses that may arise from these fires. In addition to prevention of losses, routine infrared surveys increases the life of the equipment.
Benefits of infrared inspections
Infrared inspections have many benefits. The inspections save a lot of production time since they are fast. Again multiple inspections can be done within a short time thus saving time. Again, infrared inspections save on costs. They expose problems in good time before thy lead to dangerous losses. Again, hiring inspection professionals is way much expensive as compared to using the infrared cameras.
How infrared inspection is performed
The inspection is done on operating equipment and machinery. The measurements can be done when the equipment is under full load and while it is operating. It can also be performed without necessarily having to contact the target object or from a safe distance away from an energized object or a rotating object. Once the survey is completed, a comprehensive report is compiled showing the measurements and probable causes of the problem.