How Preventive Building Maintenance Creates a Healthier Environment for Everyone

It’s been proven that doing preventative maintenance on your home on a regular basis makes it more liveable. So, having a preventative maintenance plan in place at a commercial or industrial facility is just as important for those who work within it. There are many reasons that preventative maintenance is a good idea, as not only does it prevent more costly repairs later, but makes for a happier, healthier working environment for all who use the facilities.

The first major component of your facility to watch is the building envelope. This is where regular infrared inspections can come in handy. The information from these scans will help you to find where unwanted moisture may be trapped or where inside air is escaping outside. By addressing these issues as they occur, you can keep moisture outside and properly climate controlled air inside.

A strong building envelope helps you lower your facility’s heating and cooling costs. This means that your facility’s bottom line will look better, as well. But most importantly, properly heated and cooled buildings make for happier and healthier occupants. Also, buildings that have trapped moisture can lead to mold buildup, and mold remediation, especially in larger buildings, can be expensive. That’s not even to mention people have mold allergies and some molds are harmful to anyone. So, preventative maintenance can prevent any of these things from happening.

If your facility has a retail component to it, then it’s even more important that your visitors and customers feel comfortable, as well. Happier customers usually mean more sales. While it can be hard to measure, being able to come into a building that is more comfortable than the outdoors is definitely worth something. People will remember how comfortable your building is.

Even if you don’t have a retail space, but regularly have clients come to your facility, then having the healthiest environment is still very important. You always want your vendor representatives and both current and potential clients to enjoy the experience of your facility. If your building is too hot or too cold, just like retail customers, these people will remember and it will affect them negatively. The happier you keep both your people on the inside and those that come in from the outside, the better your facility will be for everyone.

Of course, those who work in your facility will be quite pleased to enjoy a healthy working environment. No one wants to be a little too cold or a little too hot on a regular basis. It’s no good for productivity. If your building envelope isn’t sound, there may be more sick days than there need to be. Sick days aren’t good for your business or your employees, especially if they became sick at work! So preventative maintenance can reduce sick days and make for happier employees overall.

Not only does preventive building maintenance keep up a healthier environment for everyone, but it helps you realize cost savings, too. It also can reap you benefits that are difficult to calculate in terms of raw numbers. But the happier people are that work in your facility, the better your facility will perform in the long term.