Infrared inspection Services Reveal Issues Not Visible to the Eye

How Infrared Inspections Can Save Your Appliances

We all know how expensive appliance repairs can be. But did you know that faulty components can be found before they cause your appliances to  break down and require costly repairs or replacement? Infrared inspections can find bad or overloaded electrical  connections and  mechanical parts before they actually fail.

What Does Infrared Imaging Find in Appliances?

It’s amazing what infrared imaging cameras can detect. Visualizing heat inside of your  appliances allows technicians to identify what is working correctly and what is not. What causes the failure of most appliances is burnout. This can be caused by a component inside of the appliance or the electrical connections it’s plugged into.

A thermal imaging camera will be able to identify unusually hot or cold areas inside of the appliance and within the nearby walls. If nothing unusual is found there, sometimes the problem will be sourced to your home’s electrical panel. Sometimes there is a simple fix that can be made that can prevent future problems from surfacing.

Overworked or improperly vented appliances can be detected, as well. Sometimes when appliances are installed, it isn’t being vented or cooled properly at no fault of the homeowner. Also, sometimes appliances are rated higher or lower than the homeowner may realize. There may not be enough power in the appliance for the homeowner’s needs. In other cases, the appliance may be drawing more power than that circuit can actually handle.

How Does Infrared Imaging Save Your Appliances?

Infrared imaging saves time and money by not having to take things apart. Components and connections that are functioning properly can be eliminated immediately before anything is taken apart. This reduces the amount of time a mechanic has to spend diagnosing the problem and increases the accuracy of the fixes being made.

The cost of an infrared inspection and any related repairs to what it finds is nothing when compared to the potential repair and replacement costs that could come later. Preventive maintenance gives you peace of mind and information about your appliances and home that you wouldn’t be able to necessarily tell from an ordinary visual inspection.

The next time you have appliances acting  up, whether they be large or small, you may want to call for an infrared inspection. You never know how a small inconvenience could actually be a sign of a potentially bigger  problem. The peace of mind of having your home looked at inside and out to find invisible culprits that could be hurting the health of your home is well worth the investment.