Infrared inspection Services Reveal Issues Not Visible to the Eye

How Infrared Imaging Keeps Commercial Facilities Running Smoothly with No Downtime

Infrared imaging has become invaluable for many commercial facility managers in keeping their buildings running smoothly. In fact, facilities regularly inspected with infrared imaging tend to have little or no downtime at all. How is this possible? There are several reasons for infrared imaging providing these benefits.


Find Potential Issues Before They Become Problems

Infrared inspections are a key tool in identifying potential issues before they actually cause mechanical systems to break down. They also find potential building envelope weaknesses that may cause heat loss or potential water damage. Many of these problems and weaknesses can’t be detected by the naked eye.

In the case of mechanical systems, defective components can be deep within the walls or within circuitry that may look perfectly fine upon regular observation. Infrared imaging can find the hot areas that need immediate attention. It can also find the cold areas where you’re losing valuable heat that keeps your building warm during the colder months.


Regular Infrared Inspections Reduce Downtime

Having regular infrared inspections, especially with your electrical, heating & cooling, and other mechanical systems, is important for commercial facilities to have. One of the worst jobs a facility manager can have is having to close down parts of a building, or even the entire facility, for necessary repairs. By minimizing the scope and cost of repairs by making preemptive fixes found using the information from infrared inspections, not only are you saving money on maintenance, but also keeping the facility running smoothly without considerable, if any, downtime.


Save Money by Checking Your Facility’s Building Envelope

By fixing potential building envelope issues, you can also save on your facility’s utility bills. Missing or inadequate insulation can cost homeowners lots of money in heating and cooling costs, and it’s an even greater cost with larger facilities. There could be other issues, as well, especially if you are new to managing the facility. There could be water barrier problems or tiny holes or gaps in the building envelope that could cause interior damage that you may not catch right away. Infrared inspections will easily point out these spots so that they can be repaired for a fraction of the cost now rather than what they would cost later.


Find Electrical Issues Before They Become Problems

Another major advantage of infrared inspections is checking on electrical components, wiring, and most importantly, electrical panels, for potentially overloaded circuits or defective components. Electrical issues can cause great amounts of downtime while the problem is just being properly detected and evaluated. It’s much better to know what might fail in advance so you can get your trusted electrician on site. That way, the problem areas can be repaired before they cause actual, considerable downtime.


Inspections Provide Peace of Mind and Invaluable Knowledge

Infrared inspections will very easily pay for themselves with just offering peace of mind that your facility is running at top efficiency. While you obviously hope that your inspection doesn’t find them, identifying potential problems will definitely save you money in the long-term. The information from these inspections will give you the chance to fix any issues before they actually negatively impact your facility’s operation.