Infrared Home Inspection

Flir T Series Camera

When it comes to troubleshooting tools, you need tools that can detect and report equipment problems fast enough. The New FLIR T-series Camera is such a tool. The camera allows you to see the invisible heat produced by electrical resistance and mechanical wear early enough before fatal damages occur. If this heat went unnoticed, it could lead to bigger dangers as well. The camera has amazing features with ultimate resolution and sensitivity to give the best handheld imagery and accuracy.

The FLIR T-Series camera comes with three excellent thermal imaging choices which include the 640 × 480 native resolution. For finer details and precision, the camera has up to 1.2 MP thermal resolution. It has a technology that enhances the visibility of vital details such as numbers and labels. FLIR T-Series has an incredible sensitivity that facilitates an outstanding image quality and subtle thermal patterns. The camera has top-class temperature range calibrations which go up to 2,000°C. This feature enables the camera to measure even the hottest targets.

A good camera ought to be very flexible for ease of use and accurate focus. The T-Series camera has excellent flexibility and thus incredibly easy to aim, use and focus. The camera has a rotating optical block that can point up and down up to 120 degrees. Its auto orientation technology enables the orientation of on-screen data to either portrait or landscape view depending on the view that is preferred by the user. For precision imaging, the camera has a very quick autofocus. The camera also gives room for manual control again to enhance capturing of explicit images.

Fast communication is another distinct feature of the FLIR T-Series Camera. The tool’s mobile app connects the camera to your mobile devices and thus enable live streaming of thermal videos as well analysis of stored images. The camera’s reporting software gives extra power to generate detailed reports, add more measurement tools to images as well as updating the camera’s firmware.