A Look Inside the Walls

Oftentimes, we don’t really think what goes on inside the walls of our homes and buildings. But when you run a commercial or industrial building, taking a look inside the walls every once in awhile can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Infrared inspections are the least invasive way to do just that. While they can’t tell you everything, they can let you know if something unusual is going on. Read more

3 Deferred Facility Maintenance Issues Not to Overlook

Just as you shouldn’t overlook small maintenance issues with your home or car, it’s important to be proactive with facility maintenance, as well. The bigger the building, the more a potential breakdown can cost you. There are several maintenance issues that you should never defer and fix immediately. By detecting and fixing these issues early, you can minimize the risks and losses of a future breakdown. Read more

How Preventive Building Maintenance Creates a Healthier Environment for Everyone

It’s been proven that doing preventative maintenance on your home on a regular basis makes it more liveable. So, having a preventative maintenance plan in place at a commercial or industrial facility is just as important for those who work within it. There are many reasons that preventative maintenance is a good idea, as not only does it prevent more costly repairs later, but makes for a happier, healthier working environment for all who use the facilities. Read more

Infrared Inspection

Success Story: Electrical Problem Found with Infrared

Between rising costs to produce and deliver electricity and aging infrastructure and equipment, utility companies are caught between a rock and hard place in terms of providing reliable electricity services to customers while controlling costs. Finding a way to increase reliability without significantly increasing costs is a chronic challenge for utility companies. Read more

Infrared Home Inspection

Routine Infrared Inspections can Reduce facilities Downtime

Damaged devices and tools could interrupt the production process and result to big losses and time wastage. Just before the situations gets to that point, many companies have adopted various methods of protecting their assets and production devices from the damage. Infrared inspections are one of these preventive measures. It is a nondestructive process that helps detect and reveal any electrical or mechanical problems in equipment of work which arise from the excess heat caused by resistance. It involves the use of infrared cameras that pinpoint spots of danger in the devices which the human eye could never see. The cameras have a top class sensitivity that works even without illumination and thus very efficient.

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