Thermal Building Inspection

Using Infrared Inspections to Identify Issues With Your Roof

Think you might have a leaky roof, but aren’t sure exactly where the problem is? By hiring an infrared inspection, you’ll be able to identify the problem spots right away, whether they are visible to the naked eye or not. Leaky roofs not only allow warm air to escape your home during the colder months, but more importantly, intruding moisture can cause considerable damage to your roofing system, and even other areas of your home, if left unchecked. Read more

Infrared inspection Services Reveal Issues Not Visible to the Eye

How Infrared Inspections Can Save Your Appliances

We all know how expensive appliance repairs can be. But did you know that faulty components can be found before they cause your appliances to  break down and require costly repairs or replacement? Infrared inspections can find bad or overloaded electrical  connections and  mechanical parts before they actually fail.

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